Guangzhou TransOcean Advanced Equipment Co., Ltd provides you OPP hot melt glue labeling machine, rotary labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine.
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Guangzhou TransOcean Advanced Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company located in Guangzhou, focusing on the development and production of industrial filling, capping, labeling, complete automatic production line equipment; as well as supporting equipment combined on the production line and related system integration projects .

TransOcean's core team and technical strength are the elites of the domestic automatic production line equipment industry; and have been committed to the research and development, production and update of equipment;

TransOcean has seized the opportunity of the rapid development of the packaging industry and established the most advanced R&D in the domestic industry through a standardized corporate management "reliance on scientific research internally and externally on the market" corporate development strategy, independent innovation, high positioning, and comprehensive quality management. Production platform; to build a famous brand of domestic automatic production line equipment with "technology, creativity, and enthusiasm";

TransOcean always insists on scientific research and development and marketing as the core of its work; optimizes and integrates corporate resources to enable enterprises to take the road of high-tech and high starting points; we produce high-speed rotary OPP hot melt glue labeling machines, rotary and linear sticker labeling machines and other equipment are well-known in the industry for their high speed, high precision, good stability and high rigidity;

The company's products are widely used in beverages, washing, daily chemical, food, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and have been recognized by well-known companies, providing customers with meticulous pre-sales and after-sales services.



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