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Factors affecting heat sealing effect of aluminum foil bag

time:2020-10-22 11:31:00

In recent years, in addition to being sought after by the food industry, aluminum foil bags in the pharmaceutical industry are also concerned. This is because the aluminum foil bag has very high performance characteristics: light resistant, good sealing, not easy to crack and leak, play a good role in anti purification, extend the shelf life and other effects, but there are some problems in the heat sealing of aluminum foil bags, so today Guangzhou Tongyang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. will explain to you several factors affecting the heat sealing of aluminum foil bags: production process, heat sealing time, original Auxiliary information surface, heat sealing temperature, adhesive, etc.

In the production process, the adhesive can be applied on the surface of the original aluminum foil under the control of certain process parameters, and the coating quality will directly affect the heat sealing strength of the product. The most important parameters include coating speed, temperature of drying channel, shape, depth and number of lines of coating roller, and orientation and angle of scraper. The coating speed determines the drying time of the coating in the drying channel. If the coating speed is too fast and the drying channel temperature is too high, the solvent on the surface of the film will evaporate too fast and the residual solvent in the film will be formed. If the dry film is not enough, it is difficult to form a dry, firm and firm adhesive layer, which will affect the heat sealing strength of the product and cause the bonding between the layers of the product. In general, under the same heat sealing temperature and pressure, a longer heat sealing time can make the heat sealing part more firm and perfect, and can better achieve the expected heat sealing strength. However, the production conditions of modern high-speed packaging machine can not provide long thermal energy sealing time. If the heat sealing time is too short, the heat sealing between adhesive layer and PVC film is insufficient. Therefore, the national standard stipulates that the scientific heat sealing time is 1s.

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