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In addition to rotary labeling machine, which labeling machine can be selected

time:2020-10-24 18:45:00

According to different occupations, products and shapes, labeling machines can be divided into hundreds. Today, Lujia automation will give you a brief introduction of some commonly used labeling machines.

1、 Classification by label data

1. Hot melt adhesive label machine uses plastic label. Its label refers to products such as Kangshifu mineral water, only a small amount of glue is found at the joint of the label, and there is no glue in other places. This kind of equipment is mostly rotary labeling, which is fast and can be used for labeling mineral water, cola and other beverage products. Of course, the price is not cheap.

2. Self adhesive labeling machine is the mainstream of the market labeling machine. It uses self-adhesive labels. When you take your bag, you can see a product labeled with a self-adhesive label machine. The applied profession covers the whole profession.

3. Labeling machine is also known as pasting machine. Label data is paper data. Paste is evenly coated on the label paper by brushing paste mechanism. For example, the paper labels on the door of our soy sauce bottle and Erguotou bottle are pasted by the labeling machine.

2、 According to label machine modeling

1. Linear labeling machine is a kind of labeling machine, which is used most widely in the market. Its operation is simple and the price is affordable.

2. Rotary labeling machine is fast, which is used for fast labeling of daily chemicals and beverages. However, self-adhesive labeling machine can also choose 3. Semi-automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine can not be connected with the production line, and manual operation is required. Manually put the products to be labeled into the labeling machine station, and touch the switch button to drive the labeling. Mainly for small batch products or automatic labeling.

4. Automatic labeling machine docking production line, without manual operation, products automatically enter the labeling station, automatic labeling, automatic detection, automatic addition of bar code traceability system, automatic transmission to the next process. Mass production and the need to link up the production line environment requires the use of automatic labeling machine.

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