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Semi-auto liquid filling machine

Semi-auto liquid filling machine

Product time:2021-2-19 15:44:18

Brief description:

Used for filling liquid products.

Detailed introduction


TY-YTG Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

1. product introduction:

1). it can apply to fill the vast types of liquid filling and non-granular liquid, A variety of pharmaceutical, chemicals, oils, cosmetics, food. and so on.

2). Adopting the world's brand variable-frequencies governor, Equipped with imported high-precision multi-turn potentiometer and lockable dial, so that flow regulation stable and accurate, error smaller.

3). Imported stainless steel magnetic gear (316) pump. Good quality and long operation life.

4). Stainless steel chassis, nice sharp.

5). Small size, easy to operate.

6). Full-featured, automatic and hand-operated.

7). Can be equipped with multiple filling heads, Commonly used models are single pump, double pumps, four-pumps.

2. technical parameter

Filling range



About 10-12bottles/min


220V 50/60Hz

Machine net size




  source:    Release time:2021-2-19 15:44:18

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