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manual paste filling machine

manual paste filling machine

Product time:2021-2-19 15:45:53

Brief description:

Used for manual filling of high viscosity products.

Detailed introduction


1. Application

Manually paste liquid filling machine adopts the piston structure; it can be filling liquid, paste or other materials from 3 to 50 grams of quantitative filling. It can be filling liquid, fluid, lubricating oil, shampoo, shampoo, paste liquid substances, with functions of paste liquid filling machine. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides special industries, it also can be used to have quantitative filling and sealing tube, it is the ideal paste or liquid filling equipment.

2. Features

1) This machine is simple and reasonable structure, easy to operate manually, without any energy.

2) The machinery is equipped with the filling volume adjuster knob, quantitative material, filling volume and filling speed, can be manually controlled.

3) Material contact parts adopt stainless steel 304 materials, suitable for acid and alkali medium, conform to the requirements of the health food, medicine production.

4) The machine hopper is 15L, the user can according to your filling capacity to design it.

3. Technical parameters

Working method


Work speed

20-30 times/min (vary from person to person)

Filling volume


The diameter filling head

4mm, 8mm

Filling accuracy

< 1%



total weight


4. Advantage

1) Speed: 20-30bottles/Min, 3-50ml filling volume

2) Controlled by hand, material contact part is SS304.

3) Hopper is 15L.

4) No need any electric.

5) Conform to GMP stander.

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