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Composite tube filling sealing machine

Composite tube filling sealing machine

Product time:2021-2-19 16:16:11

Brief description:

The product is suitable for automatic color marking, filling, sealing, date printing and tail trimming of various plastic tubes and aluminum-plastic composite tubes, and is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Detailed introduction



TY-JF Composite tube filling & sealing machine


Product Instruction

The machine can automatically orientate eye marks, filling, sealing, printing date and cutting the end. This machine is widely used in daily cosmetic, medicine and food industries.


A reliable thermo-air heating system composes of high efficient heater and stable flow meter imported from Germany are applied. It adopts touch screen, PLC control, auto tube feeding and positioning. The seal is firm and high efficient. The filling heads in different specifications are prepared for materials in different thickness.

Technical Parameters


220V 50HZ

Filling capacity

20-30 piece/min

Measurement accuracy


rate of sealing


Power Consumption

400W*2(heating sealing)

Air supply


Air consumption


Filling volume       

20ml 30ml 50ml

  source:    Release time:2021-2-19 16:16:11

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