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Laser machine

Laser machine

Product time:2021-2-19 16:24:02

Brief description:

It is used to connect the assembly line and code the product, such as: production date, expiration date, production batch number, and other information.

Detailed introduction



TY-JGD CO2 laser machine 

Laser machine features:
Frame Material: ALUM.
Laser Device: Original USA CO2 Laser
Power: 30W
Laser Wavelength: 930μm/ 1064μm
Galvanometer deflection: High Precision dual dimensional scanning system
Marking speed: 12000mm/s
Master Control: Highly integrated board with 10 inch Color Touch screen
Operating System: WIN CE with High Speed Pipe Marking Software
Cooling: 3groups (6pcs) Cooling Fans

Marking Specifications:
Focus Distance: Focus 140mm
Marking line type: Dot matrix, bold, vector all in one(both dot matrix and vector)
Minimum line width: 0.015mm
Repeatability accurate positioning: 0.003mm
Marking Area: Standard 110mm×110mmCustomized available
Marking height: Standard Character height 110mm
Marking Length: Unlimited
Positioning mode: Red light positioning and focusing
Number of characters: Any line(multi-line) within marking range

Support type:
Typeface: Chinese , English, Arabic,Spanish Font library ;
Marking: Number, logo, image, letter, serials number, system date & time,etc...
Bar code: CODE39CODE128CODE126QRZ-Code

Power Supply: 100-220V/50-60HZ
Power Consumption: 900W
Net Weight: 70kgs
Oversize: 120X78X34cm
Environmental Requirement: 0℃-45; humidity95%;  non-condensing; no shaking

  source:    Release time:2021-2-19 16:24:02

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