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Semi auto shrink machine

Semi auto shrink machine

Product time:2021-2-19 16:45:50

Brief description:

The shrinking machine adopts European and American advanced spiral wind technology, the shrinking efficiency is very good, the electronic speed regulation motor, the speed adjustment range is large, the conveying sprocket adopts the outer high temperature resistant sleeve, it will not scald the package, and completely solve the interference of the bottom which is difficult to shrink.

Detailed introduction



Machine name: TY-SSM shrink machine


Suitable for labeling various round bottles (can) of pet bottle, drug bottle, salad oil bottle, wine bottle, soy bottle etc.

1. Main body is made from S304 stainless steel

2. Head of label is import from Japan

3. The high-grade photo sensor made in Japan or West Germany.

4. PLC control system match human machine interface & included sixty-suite memory unit.

5. This machine suit for little quantity and variety works or single machine operated by one man.

6. Additional function of battle correction. Battle split, counter and Label ironing.

7. Label position, height and angle can adjustable.

Technical parameters




2.5kw 220/50





  source:    Release time:2021-2-19 16:45:50

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