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Auto blowing bottle machine

Auto blowing bottle machine

Product time:2021-2-19 17:00:05

Brief description:

6-cavity high-speed linear PET bottle blowing machine-Maximum capacity: 600ml is a two-step rotary preform PET automatic bottle blowing machine, one out of 6 cavity, suitable for blowing PET, PP, etc.

Detailed introduction


TY-C automatic blowing bottle machine

1. main parameter:

I.High-speed servo a six blowing machine (when the production of 7500 bottles)

1) 6-chamber high-speed linear PET blow molding machine - maximum capacity: 600 ml is a two-step rotary embryo PET automatic blow molding machine, a 6-chamber, for blowing to PET, PP and so on.

2).Crystalline plastic as raw material for any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large diameter bottles, high temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers.

3). fully automatic man-machine interface, easy to operate, the machine running smoothly, less failure, blowing speed.

4). the machine parts of a reasonable selection, precision machining production, fine surface treatment.

5). the use of rotating continuous embryo mechanism, the mechanism of the compatibility of the preform, the embryo stable and continuous, fast, high efficiency, to overcome the traditional robot intermittent on the embryo of the lack of.

6). heating area preform arranged dense, heating speed, heating evenly, power.

7). heating zone revolution for the module mode servo drive, with patents, transmission pitch precision, durable.

8). PET-type bottle blowing machine with a cool air blowing device, can be more effective protection of the embryo screw mouth.

9).  separated from the body design is reasonable, accurate and reliable distance. The

10). the use of servo motor stretch the embryo, fast stretch, stretching stroke accuracy, stretching stroke can be set arbitrarily.

11). blowing (row) gas system selection Germany Festo original imported combination valve, blowing (row) gas fast, long service life.

12). can be directly to the filling line transport bottles, conveyor design novel, smooth and reliable delivery.

13).  the machine running between the various agencies with a mutual program, the machine can be protected.

MD-S6 automatic one out of six blowing   machine (high-speed machine) 1 liter machine (mineral water beverage bottles,   etc.)

Device Description

Host configuration: the United States   original Parker high pressure blowing valve, Taiwan Yade passenger valve, SMC   cylinder, Mitsubishi inverter, Festo cylinder, Delta servo motor

Adaptation Material: PET Polyester

Blowing capacity: 0-0.75 liters

Operation: automatic

Automatic feeding, fully automated   production

Machine production: 6500-7000 bottles per   hour

Number of blowing bottlesOne six

Power consumption: 42kw

Recommended transformer reserve 55kw   voltage space (380V industrial power)

Machine size: 6 × 2 × 2.15

Feeding machine size: 2.5 × 1.6 × 2.5

The whole covers an area of 8 × 10 square

Packing size: 50 square

Machine weight: 4000kg

The whole machine weight: 6000kg

automatic one out of six blowing machine (4800-5000 bottles)




Theoretical yield



Bottle volume



Preform diameter



Max bottle diameter



Max bottle height



Die cavity number



Host size



Host weight



Feeding machine size



Feeding machine weight



Maximum heating power



Total installed power



Taiwan (WEINVIEW) - weinview touch screen computer, stable performance and simple operation.

Adopts Germany (FESTO) and Japan SMC pneumatic components

The use of energy-efficient design, mechanical part of the compact structure, reasonable

Fault alarm, diagnosis system, make maintenance more convenient

The use of environmentally friendly design, non-toxic conveyor belt conveying bottle blank

the above data may continue to be developed and improved, subject to change without notice

  source:    Release time:2021-2-19 17:00:05

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